New Release: Balance & Ruin

It’s done.

It was a pet project that has been on and off the backburner so many times, I’m surprised it didn’t boil over. Over five years since it first began, I’m proud to say it finally draws to a close.

The first part, anyway. Which means I should finish the entirety by, what… 2150?

This is the official announcement of my latest release, Terra, the first installment of the Balance & Ruin saga.

Terra awakens in an unfamiliar land with no memory of how she got there. Now she must run for her life without knowing why. Escaping capture, Terra finds herself at the epicenter of a war she wants no part of. On one side is the Empire, using malicious means to gain land and power. And on the other side are the Returners, a rebellion bent on the Empire’s demise. Terra must make a choice of who’s side she is on in this war. At the same time, there is a war waging inside of her mind. Her amnesia stole from her memories she so desperately tries to reclaim. Without them, she is a hollow vessel possessing unheralded gifts of mysterious origin. To fight the war outside, she must win the one within.

If some of the buzzwords sounded familiar, you may have once played a game called Final Fantasy VI. Indeed, my pet project was the dramatic retelling and novelization of, in what I believe to be, the best video game ever made. If you played, you’ll love reading this to return to that world and going deeper into the story (without worrying about finding a save point!)

And if you have never played, this is an epic tale of the purest nature, pitting good vs. evil. It takes place in a world at the dawn of a technological era while unearthing the olde magic of the past. It’s a steampunk-meets-classic-fantasy tale that features emotionally charged characters fighting battles of self, vengeance, love, and truth.

And now the good part. Being that this isn’t copyrighted to me, and is how one might describe as “super detailed fanfiction”, this book costs $0. 100% free.

If you have anything but a Kindle, you can download the eBook here

If you have a Kindle, you can download the MOBI file here

If physical copies are more your speed, that is available too. DM me on Twitter @robertjrelyea to request a copy. I will personally order a physical copy, then ship it off to you. It costs $10.50 to print from the distributor, plus shipping.

Thanks, and whether you’re familiar with the game source or whether you’re just a fantasy junkie, I really think you’ll enjoy it!

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